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Ezio Farinelli



  He was born in Rieti in 1937.

In the sixties he began his artistic activity in Rome with works inspired to the French impressionistic seam.

In the seventies he deepen his experiences within the expressionist painting, in this reporting himself to the great european masters of the '900, among them P. Modersohn-Becker and Karl Schmidt-Rottluff.  The most recurrent themes of this period are represented by the Roman outskirtses, by female characters inserted in amazing abstracted landscapes, by dreamt Don Quixote, theme this last loved by many artists.

At the end of the eighties his painting, in continuous evolution, opens to new visions made of virtual and suggestive images in which the classical themes, mediated by the great lesson of the Renaissance, are conjugated through unusual and personal style, to those of the contemporary art.

The backgrounds of the works are often constituted by abstract surfaces that recall unreal forms and suggestive visions. The insertion in the works of feminine figures, represents then the occasion to explore new expressive frontiers.

The artist elaborates the chromatic mixture of the drapes and of the faces of his characters, directly operating on the cloth. The pure colors of the earths, so cleverly amalgamated, make to assume  sublime and evanescent expressions to the complexion, above all when he (as a sculptor with the clay) model the somatic lines with the cadmium red, the ochre yellow and the emerald green colours.

His actual painting, result of a constant and wise elaboration, makes the artist able to succeeds in fully expressing himself with an original technique inserted in the context of the "new italian figuration".



He has important partecipations to many collective Exhibitions togheter with Brindisi, Guttuso, Annigoni, Maccari, Levi, De Chirico, Sironi, Boccioni, Cagli, Campigli, Sassu, Omiccioli, Pirandello, Viviani, Borra De Pisis, Rosai, Savinio, Cesetti, Cantatore, Monachesi, De Pero, Mafai, Migneco, Vacchi, Vedova, Zancanaro, Cascella, Treccani, Bueno, Bai, Fiume, Guidi, Dova, ecc.

It has been dedicated wide space to him by encyclopaedias, magazines, newspapers, dictionary as the Nuovissima Enciclopedia Internazionale Crolier, Arte del XX Secolo Bolaffi, Comanducci, Selezione Arte, Arte Mondadori, Realtà e Momenti, Caffè Arte, Dizionario Enciclopedico degli Artisti, Mid Times, Il Quadrato, Of  Modern Art, Vademecum nell'Arte Italiana, This Week in Rome, Nuova Europa, Catalogo d'Arte Moderna Mondadori, Annuario d'Arte Moderna 2000.



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